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Smokey Pulled Pork Tacos

With All the Fixings

Smoked over 10 hours, pulled and sauced up, this pulled pork is perfect for making a classic style taco. Add your fresh toppings to warm corn tortillas, making an authentic pulled pork taco!

Serves 4
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Large Pot, Tongs, Cutting Board, Timer, Platter, Spoons, 4 Small Serving Bowls, Thermometer


Sous-Vide Method (suggested):

Place the pulled pork bag in a large stock pot and fill it with water until it’s 3/4 full. Bring the pot to a simmer for 6 minutes. Slowly remove the bag with tongs and set it aside. Open and remove the meat into a bowl. Don’t forget to add some Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce for more flavour!

Saucepan Method:

Add the pork to a medium sized saucepan with 1/4 cup of water. Turn on the heat and set to medium and cover the pan with a lid. Be sure to stir occasionally and heat until it’s 165°F or nearly boiling hot.


Microwave Method:
Unwrap the tortillas and put them in the microwave. Wrap them with paper towel or cover them with Saran wrap. Microwave for 30 seconds.

Pan Fried Method:
Add a bit of vegetable oil to a medium frying pan and set the heat to medium. Fry each side of the tortilla for 20 seconds or less and be sure it does not turn brown.

Green Onion & Lime

Slice green onions on a cutting board for your garnish. Cut a lime into wedges and set them aside.

Plating and Building

Option 1: Build As You Go:
Let’s build your own taco; it’s our favourite way to have this dish! Take a tortilla and add a little crema. Add some coleslaw and pulled pork then crumble some cotija cheese onto the pork. Add green onion and cilantro and finally squeeze a lime segment overtop if you want!

Option 2: Pre-Plate:
Build all your tacos ahead of time and place on a platter.


1/2 pack Corn Tortillas
1lb Pulled Pork
1 Lime
3 sprigs Green Onion
1/4 bunch Cilantro
4oz Salsa
4oz Cotija Cheese
4oz Crema
8oz Coleslaw
1 bottle Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce


Dairy, Alliums, Pork, Chili
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