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South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

If this sauce could talk, it’d keep you entertained all day! We like it with chicken, but we love it with our Pit Fired smoked turkey. Our Chefs also use it as a marinade to spice up any poultry before throwing it on the Q.


Preparation Uses: Works as a great marinade, add to a dip, turn into a salad dressing, sandwich condiment or add to your slow cooker recipes!

Use for chicken breast, pork chops, pork tenderloin, turkey etc. Pour over protein in a bowl for a couple of hours or overnight. Grill, roast, or smoke, but always enjoy with friends!


Ballpark yellow mustard, wholegrain mustard, apple cider vinegar, butter, light brown sugar, kosher salt, ground black pepper, Worcestershire, Valentina hot sauce, tabasco


Seafood (Worcestershire Sauce), Pepper, Chile
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